As I watch the progression of my writing through my blog, I can see the growth rings of each lesson learned along the way. I’ve put in work on the craft I love. I try daily to figure out what I say best and how my worldview will be worthwhile to my readers.

When I decided to start writing, I proclaimed I wanted to be a female Stephen King. How so? his success? a prolific career? scary stories? heartfelt tales? supernatural stirrings? insanely long? …All the above.

I know what kind of writer I’m not. I’m not a romance writer, though romance does creep in from time to time. I can’t seem to write anything in the sci-fi realm, which makes sense since I rarely find a sci-fi book I can get into.

Like Neil Gaiman, I cling to stories about women who save themselves which is one of my favorite character-driven storylines. I find that I am still learning what pushes my writing to the surface and how to manicure it– just so.

Ultimately, even if I write something only for myself, I also write in the hopes that it will be read and devoured by hungry eyes… ingested and enjoyed by a cozy little book worm.